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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Xiaomi A1 specification,display,camera as per rumors base on Android One 2nd Gen Smartphone

The smartphone maker Xiaomi working  on Android One Operating system phone called Xiaomi A1.Android One is GOOGLE Operating System,which performance good. Xiaomi A1 is come with Andriod One 2nd Gen OS. The project was initially aimed at  developing countries but Andriod One labeled phones have slowly made it to the developed countries as well.  

As per rumors Xiaomi  A1  specs will be based on the smartphone called Xiaomi Mi 5x. Rumors also indicates that the upcoming smartphone,which BTW will be called  Xiaomi A1 will retain most of Mi 5x specs.

Upcoming Xiaomi device  Xiaomi A1  main  features is the operating system -Android One. Base on Humors Xiaomi A1 comes with 4G B RAM and 32GB internal storage.  Xiaomi A1 maybe a dual camera phone. The dual camera 12MP and back camera 8MP with flash.   Xiaomi A1 battery 3080mAh.   Xiaomi A1 display is 5.5inch Full HD. Xiaomi A1 specification,camera,display are not confirmed by there officially. This features are base on rumors.

That’s due to the requirement that devices marketed with the branding use only Google’s Android software environment without any manufacturer skins or additional software – which is arguably what makes the Nexus and Pixel brands so popular.

 Xiaomi officially makes announcement,all of the rumors and speculation,  Xiaomi A1 Android One 2nd Gen handset.

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