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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Black PH-1 ready to ship, white PH-1 not ready yet, says Essential

Essential Products has begun emailing customers who pre-ordered the PH-1 smartphone with the news of their devices' arrival. "Great news, your phone has been built! We now just need your payment details and we will ship within 7 days," read the email in part. Customers who have pre-ordered the black version of the phone can expect to receive their phone within a week of making the payment.
However, customers who have ordered the white version are going to have to wait. Customers who have ordered the white version of the phone are receiving a different mail which reads, ""As shipment of your Pure White device is still a couple of weeks away, we want to give you the option to change your order from a Pure White to a Black Moon device, which will ship [sooner.]" For customers who have pre-ordered the Pure White model can contact the Essential team to opt for the Black Moon color if they wish. The phone will be sold by Amazon and Best Buy in the United States in addition to Sprint. The smartphone is priced at $699.
Source: Dailyhunt

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